We have more than 500 kg of LIQUID RED MERCURY. If you are interested, please contact us to collect your product at a favorable price. The sales price is invoiced in grams (gr) and revised according to the quantity ordered. Thank you Very serious and delicate announcement I put my WhatsApp number below. My product meets the following tests:

-White pouch with liquid red mercury on it, We wait, result, no trace of color in the white pouch!

- My product is invisible in the mirror

- My product triggers the tester to turn on

- my product lights the bulb

- my product turns off the cell phone

- My product scares garlic so it scares away garlic

- My product attracts gold and therefore is adhesive to gold

- My product does not adhere to the lemon mixture

- My product passes the sand test

- My product adheres to the Razor Blade

- My product responds to the finger and water test The requested test will be done at your convenience.

if you are really serious!

Our prices are!!! unbeatable!!

Contact us

WhatsApp :

+225 0546246346

The solution is in your hands

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Dr hamed Hamza

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